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Sr. Software Engineer - Mobile App Solutions

Likeview (for Facebook)

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Keep track of all your Facebook news at a glance with Likeview widget. Our team has developed a practical and customisable facebook widget!
- Find and follow all your notifications, messages and requests on your facebook widget.
- Stay up-to-date with your news feeds and your friends' updates.
- Interact with your choice of posts: like, comment and share on Facebook and other social networks.
- Publish articles, photos, videos and other links at your convenience.
- Set your preferences: font size, refresh mode (manual or automatic)

How to add widgets to your home screen :

!!! If you don't see the facebook widget in your widget drawer, please make sure you did not install it to SD card. Do not hesitate to reboot your device !!! Thank you ! For any issue you can email us at likeview.contact@gmail.com

You want to translate this widget in your language?
It is possible at: http://goo.gl/7Fsrau. Of course your name will appear on this page and in the application. Thank you! :-)

For even more personalised features, you can download Likeview Plus straight from the Play Store. Downloading this advanced app and making a donation also supports our Likeview team.


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